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Equations of a Falling Body

Perth Festival 2023

Choreographer: Laura Boynes

Performers: Ella-Rose Trew, James O'hara, Timothy Green

Composer: Felicity Groom

Sound Design: Tristen Parr

Set design: Bruce McKinven

Dramaturg: Anthony Coxeter

Movement Consultant: Adelina Larsson Mendoza

Producer: Performing Lines WA

Equations of a Falling Body is a 60 minute live performance experience, exploring human relationships to current political, environmental and social events on a macro and micro scale.  At times pedestrian in nature and other times highly physical the performers are fed live instructions through headphones from the live director. These instructions direct, order, manipulate, confuse and guide the performers on which content to perform, where, when and how.

Equations of a Falling Body is perpetually evolving, no moment is the same and each show is completely unique. The work is diverse and immediate with the performers not knowing how the work will begin or end.

Distributed 15

Wooditjup Margaret River

29/   10  /   2021 - 2023

Cultural Advisors: Dr Wayne Webb and Zac Webb (Undalup Association

Choreographer: Janine Oxenham and Adelina Larsson Mendoza 

Dramaturg: Anthony Coxeter

Composer: Simon Walsh 

Puppeter: Sky River

Distributed 15 is a new multi-artform work that explores way of distributing knowledge, action and shared responsibility for people and the natural world.

The work is created in five chapters across five natural sites and is delivered with multiple local and state partners representing a diverse range of cultural, community and ecological organisations and groups. 

The project will culminate in the creation of an original, community led, intercultural, intra-regional performance work that is created across five revegetated sites that are part of the Gondwana Link in March 2023.


The Lock-Up Gallery, Newcastle

17   /   06  /   2017

Performance: Rhiannon Newton, James Mahler and Adelina Larsson

Composition: James Mahler

"The two halves of the androgyne sigh for each other, as if each breath, being incomplete, sought to mingle with the other: the image of the embrace, in that it melts the two images into a single one”.       


Roland Barthes                                                                                                            

In T(w)o is a new work currently in development with collaborator Adelina Larsson. It deals with the situation of being two, developing strategies for resisting and complexifying dominant narratives associated with being two. Archetypal dualities, the pair, the love story, the conflict, dark / light, male / female, are so seductive and easy to deploy, but they are poor models for thinking through the complexities of contemporary issues. Our intention is to make the two sides (two bodies) dissolve, or spin, into one, into greyness; to discover the formations in which the inhale and the exhale are together one continuous circuit. The symmetries of the one and the other become a framework for negotiating the potential pluralities emerging from the unity of the two.

In T(w)o was developed through Catapult Dance's Propel Residency in collaboration with composer James Maher and presented at The Lock-Up Gallery, Newcastle in June 2017.

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