In the Rite II: Solo, composed for a single body with a polyphonic vocal score by Shoeb Ahmed, was commissioned by the dance-maker and performer Laura Boynes in 2018. It investigates feminine experience through conceptions of resilience, inconvenient space and agency.

The work premiered at the Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA in August 2019.  

Image: Laura Boynes, in the Rite II: Solo

Photo: Emma Fyshwick

Strange Attractor focus on Trans-disciplinary practices and non-binary forms to help shape our articulation of how experimental practice behaves, how it moves and thinks through embodied research. It operates as an interface between the artists as collaborative peers and their audiences/publics to develop new languages for artistic practice and insight to artistic research.

Image: Amelia McQueen, Strange Attractor 2014

Photo: Lorna Sim

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Carmen et Error reprises Ovid's tragic aetion - or origin story - of the diving bird in a parable that commemorates the revocation of Ovid's exile by Rome 2,000 years after he was banished by Emperor Augustus to a remote coastal town by the Dead Sea in 8 AD.

It is therefore - in circumstance, as in subject - a negotiation of urgency, regret and the power of speech.

Image:  Andrew Morrish, Half n Half VARIA 2014

In T(w)O_edited.jpg

In T(w)o is a new work currently in development between Rhiannon Newton and Adelina Larsson. It deals with the situation of being two, developing strategies for resisting and complexifying dominant narratives associated with being two.

It was developed and performed at the Lock-Up Newcastle and  recently presented at Platform 2019 curated by Martin del Amo and Tess de Quincey at Articulate Project Space, Sydney.

Image: Adelina Larsson and Rhiannon Newton In T(w)O

Photo: Alison Laird

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