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Heath Ledger Theatre.

State Theatre Centre of WA

28-31 /   8   /   2019

Choreography:  Adelina Larsson Mendoza

Performance: Laura Boynes

Composition: Shoeb Ahmad

Sound Design: Tristen Parr

Lighting Design: Chris Donelly

Dramaturgy: Anthony Coxeter

Photo credit: Emma Fishwick

Award: 2020 Australian Dance Award

In the Rite II: Solo, composed for a single body with a polyphonic vocal score by Shoeb Ahmed, was commissioned by the dance-maker and performer Laura Boynes as part of a double bill with choreographer Julie-Anne Long (Sydney). 


In the Rite II: Solo is part of a series that extended the concerns of the first work In the Rite I choreographed for 16 young female performers, by focusing its argument through the presentation of a single body.


Shoeb's vocal approach to In the Rite II: Solo, and the relationship of voice to the body, gave rise to a new set of possibilities to explore in the current work in progress; In the Rite III: Movement Scores for 10 Voices, extending the historiography of the body to vocal and musical inquiry by creating a choreographed choir for ten voices.

Supported by:

Department of Local Government, Sport, Cultural Industries, Performing Lines WA and State Theatre Centre of WA

Nishi Gallery, Canberra

1  /   12   /   2013

Choreography:  Adelina Larsson Mendoza & dancers

Performance: Amelia McQueen, Alison Plevey,       Janine Proost, Kelly Beneforti

Video: Sarah Kaur and Carlos Lopez

Composition: Shoeb Ahmad

Installation: Christiane Nowak

Dramaturgy: Anthony Coxeter

Photo credit: Lorna Sim

Between draft-steady wings and the careful peeling of stones, No Place is a dance, video and sound installation by Adelina Larsson exploring hypnogogia – a slipping, interstitial space between unconsciousness and wakefulness. 


Through the lives of four women, lived separately, whom nonetheless seem to sync, lead and mislead each other, it is a study of how their small movements determine, free, frustrate and reveal them by turns. 

Supported by:

ACT Government ArtsACT, Molonglo group and QL2 Dance.

The Stars, the stars.

Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra

11   /   12   /   2013

2013 was the ten-year anniversary of the fires in Canberra. There were devastating effects throughout the environment and community, and to the ANU’s Observatory site on Mount Stromlo. This video is a collaboration between Adelina Larsson and Reuben Ingall, with still photography by Lorna Sim.

Video: Sarah Kaur

Dance: Adelina Larsson Mendoza

Sound: Reuben Ingall, Evan Dorian & Carlos Lopez

Photo credit: Lorna Sim

Supported by:

ACT Government ArtsACT

The perfect traveller

Bundanon Trust , NSW.

1  /   11   /   2015

Video: Ahilan Ratnamohan & Matt Cornell

Performance: Rita Pinto de Morais, Adelina Larsson Mendoza & Ahilan Ratnamohan

A short film experiment developed during the Monsoon residency hosted by Bundanon Trust in NSW.

Monsoon is a trans-cultural interdisciplinary platform and a curatorial project that has research, debate and intercultural arts practice at its heart. 

Monsoon Australia was developed by Kobalt Works and Critical Path and co-curated and co-facilitated by Arco Renz, Margie Medlin and David Pledger.

PARTICIPANTS: Adelina Larsson Mendoza, Ahilan Ratnamohan (BE/AUS), Geumhyung Jeong (South Korea), Joseph Keith (JK) Anicoche (ML), Nathan Gray (GER), Olet Khamchanla (VNM), Rebecca Jensen (AUS), Rita Pinto de Morais (PO), Venuri Perera (SRL).

The artists selected for the residency program are practicing contemporary performance artists from Europe, Asia and Australia.

Resonance 1.1


You Are Here Festival, 


11   /   07   /   2013

Performance: Reuben Ingall and Adelina Larsson Mendoza

Photo: Adam Thomas

Resonance 1.1 is a real-time performance installation of movement and sound manifesting the textures of materials not normally associated with performance. The interaction between the mediums and audiences in this responsive framework creates an unusual performative space. Resonance 1.1 places the performer upon a bed of pebbles, creating sound to be processed and manipulated live. This new soundscape stimulates improvised movement from the performer, in turn affecting the sound with continual, dramatic tension.

In October 2011 Reuben Ingall and Adelina Larsson collaborated to create a performance for the Canberra Contemporary Art Space's Close Range film and performance event. The result combined sound art, movement, improvisation and interactivity. The success of this performance earned them an invitation to develop the work in the Canberra Museum and Gallery Gallery4 space for a series of performances as part of the You Are Here festival in March 2012. An adaption of the work was later commissioned for performance at the 2013 SoundOut festival.

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